Rel T1/T2 ??

I'm looking for a musical subwoofer to pair with my PSB Stratus Mini, and Im considering Rel T1/T2. Which one of these will match better with my speakers? My room is 18x13.
My system:
B&k pt3 mkII
B&K Ex 4420
PSB Stratus Mini
I'm looking forward to hear your recommendations.
I would go with the T1. If you can swing It Go with the R328 much better sub.
I would use an S series; the T series was designed for HT primarily. I have 3 S series subs myself.
Don't agree with Stanwal, the T series can be very good for audio. I am currently using a T5 in my system and it's a champ, seamlessly integrating and providing a very impressive foundation. In a very small room, like the one I use, the T5 or a similar size sub is possibly the only way to go, IMHO.