Rel Sub,Where can i purchase????

Thanks for the info on my earlier post! You all have helped me make up my mind. I would like to go with a rel(or 2)sub/s. I was woundering if some of you that had them, could tell where is a good place to get them.
T1, Try Harvey's Electronics (212) 575-5000, or Sound by Singer (212) 924-8600 in NYC. Neither store discounts, so if you can wait, keep your eyes on Audiogon and save about 30%. I'm glad I chose REL.
Try David at Ambrosia Audio in Los Angeles at
He is an authorized REL dealer and currently has three
pre-owned REL subs for sale including a Strata III for $995. I purchased a pre-owned Strata II from David by
phone a year ago, great buy and great service. I use my
Strata II with Totem One Signatures and I love it.

Good luck
and enjoy,
Call Ambrosia, but do not rely on what is listed on their website. It has been the same stuff for months. I called to inquire for a friend two week ago and they have no used or demo REL subs in stock. They offered me a brand new Stratus III in Black for $1050. List is $1299.
The link is
Try DSS Systems. They're in San Diego, CA. Ask for Mark Anderson. Great guy. He cut me a good deal on an ARCAM CD player. Lots of info and will cut you a good deal. I'm waiting to buy an REL from them real soon. Here's their email. [email protected]