REL Strata III - faint crackle/pop sounds

I've been very happy with my REL Strata III for many years. However, I recently started hearing a faint crackle/pop sound coming from it whenever it is powered on.

Any ideas for what I can try to do to diagnose the problem? Any recommended repair places? I can try Sumiko (USA distributor) but I would prefer a recommendation from folks on this forum before I send it to them.

Thanks in advance!
Sounds like a problem in the units crossover. I would have to guess it's a resistor gone bad. I gather someone on the Gon would have even more experience with this, and have a better idea what the problem is? The best of luck with this unit, I had one and only sold because of an issue with space.
Good luck with Sumiko and you better have lots of room on your credit card.
Well, that's what I'm worried about. If I go through Sumiko or one of their dealers, it might end up costing more than I paid for the sub in the first place.

Anyone know of places here in Northern California where I might be able to take the sub to be diagnosed and repaired? I'm sure there have to be skilled, reputable places out there...

Could just be the switch itself. You aren't supposed to turn them off!
the popping sound may be just the turning on of the rocker switch but I doubt very much if the crackle is. You could turn off the unit and plug it into a multi outlet strip then turn on the strip and see.
I have several RELS, and they make noise turning on. I don't think I would describe it as a crackle. A thumpycrackly sort of noise... My STrata rocker switch light has been flickering for years... Come to think of it, these make a bit of noise shutting down as well. So, how does the thing sound when playing music? See where I'm going with this?
My unit has always made a pop/hum sound when first powering on, but the issue I'm having is after the unit has been switched on. There's a faint crackle sound, kind of like what an old, dusty record sounds like.

Frankly, I haven't tried to play much through it since I've started hearing the crackling sound - I don't want to aggravate any issue the unit might already be having. And plus, since I've heard the crackling, I know that's the only thing I would hear anyway.

My Strata switch light burned out a long time ago. =)
I had a similar problem with my Stentor 111. Not sure if it what you have but there were crackles on turn on and during play at times as well and I used to keep my unit on all the time. It turned out the be the protection circuit and the problem was with the traces in the board itself and a whole new board was needed. This was available via the REL distributor for around $200. No problem since it was replaced. It was very frustrating so I hope this helps.
To follow up on this thread... I finally ended up calling Sumiko Audio because I happen to live nearby in Northern California. I worked with Kendra in customer service and she was very helpful in arranging for diagnosis and eventual refurbished replacement of the amplifier board ($100).
Found this thread on a Google search. Am experiencing the exact same problem with the same Sub (Strata III).

Was your problem fixed with the $100 amp board replacement?

My issue appears to be isolated to the Hi-level input. Also unsure if it is related to the amp it's plugged into. Still debugging.

Any assistance appreciated.

Thank you.
My Strata III did the same thing about a year and a half ago.I removed the control/ amp assembly, sprayed contact cleaner in the on/off rocker switch, and worked the switch back and forth a few times. It hasn't made the crackling noise since.
Excellent! Thanks much for the reply. I will let you know if it solves my issue.
Try connecting a different set of speakers to your set up to make sure it's the speakers and not something else in the chain?
Try connecting a different speaker to your set up to make sure it's the speaker and not something else in the chain?
Hooked it back up after a two week rest and it works fine, now. I have the contact cleaner and will use that if it starts acting up again. Thanks again for the suggestion.
I have a stentor III that is making scratching popping sounds. It even occurs when all inputs are disconnected and volume is turned all the way down. Rel informed me that the amplifier section is no longer available. Does anyone out there have any advice for me or does anyone have or know of a place I can purchase this amp. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me. Tom
Try and get a schematic from Sumilko and find a good repair shop to fix it