Rel Storm 3 with Thiel CS1.5's ?

Does anyone know if this would be a good mate for music? 16x18'room with cathedral ceilings to 12'? Would this be overkill, am currently amplifying with Bryston B60R integrated. Appreciate any advice.
The Storm III is a great sub. I love mine. There are review links on the website Also read the HiFi Choice review on their page. It is their favorite sub.
REL is one of my favorites and should work well. You should also consider the Talon Roc 2002 as a good match to your Thiel speakers. The Roc is VERY fast and detailed.

I think I just lost a half-hour worth of typing - but the summary is, the Storm III should be a perfect match in your room for the super clean CS1.5. My settings are Mode 4, A6 (30Hz). My Storm III replaced a Velodyne HGS-12. It may take a little work with some test tones to get it dialed in though.

Given the sizeof the room and the rest of your system, you may be able to "get by" with the Strata III. I own onw and use it with Sf Guraneri's in my 12X14 room. The integration is seamless with the gain on the sub set exactly halfway.
The REL subs are awesome. I have a Strata III mated to my 1.5s and it's perfect. Didn't take me nearly as long to get it integrated because I followed everyone advice on Audiogon. :-) I think your room would like a Storm better though. You could also try getting the Sound Anchors stands for your Thiels. They really open them up and let the bass out. Then a Strata III will probably be enough. leo.
Just grist for the mill. DH Labs is coming out with a new version of the Golden Flutes and they will be available for the Thiel 1.5s. This seems to be a good way to get a little more extension out of your Thiels without having to resort to a sub. BTW, I am also using a Bryston BP60R with the Thiel 1.5s. Just as an aside, I just changed my interconnect between my CD player (Sony DVP9000ES) and my Bryston to the Silver Audio Jetstream and I couldn't believe how much more bass extension and definition I got. I also put on a set of Audio Points which fit the holes on the bottom perfectly and the bass extension improved again with greater focus and clarity in the midrange. Hope that helps. Steve
A correction to my last post. That's JPS Labs that makes the Golden Flutes, not DH Labs. Steve
Thanks everyone. Rel subs sound like the ticket! I also like the idea of the sound anchor stands as I have heard this suggested on other threads. Leo, thanks for the repost as I already visited DH Labs site. I will try some suggestions first, but in this crazy game I may have already been bitten by the sub bug!
I may have mixed-up some names in my last post, I'm sorry its late. Steve, just visited JPS Labs... very interesting concept those golden flutes. I think I can wait awhile to investigate this further...nice call...thanks,
I'm not sure I like the Golden Flute concept. I wonder what Jim Thiel would say about them. The Strata III integrates seamlessly and provides the .1 channel at the same time. The Sound Anchors increase the size of the soundstage. Granted the two cost me almost $1400 but the results are beyond outstanding. Besides, on 1.5s and at maximum effectiveness the Flutes would only get you down to 32Hz leaving 12Hz or more to go. leo.