auralex subdude...can i use this with Rel Storm3?

looking to improve upon current sub integration. sub is connected via hi level input coming from my amps. any thoughts? thank you
I looked at your system picture and I'd say as a REL owner I could never make the sub work in the corner. The only way to have fast integrated bass was to bring the sub out into the room and position it directly in front of either the left or right channel main speaker.

I've never understood the recommendation to put a sub in the corner. From what I've experienced it gives a large quantity of bass, but terrible quality.

I'd experiment with placement before putting anything underneath the REL.
I agree with Sean, generally the corner is the worst placement for a sub as it fully excites three room modes (often the most lumpy response you can get) is the best placement ,however, if you only want to maximize your LF response.

The placement Sean describes...just in front of the left or right speaker and next to the side wall is often the best spot in most rooms
ok.. thx guys...ill give it a whirl
I use a SubDude under my Velodyne HGS-15 to good effect. It tamed any tendancy to boominess, and audiophiles who have listened say they are not aware of the sub, because it integrates well with the KEF 104/2s. The sub is placed behind one of the KEFs, about a foot away from the corner and close to the rear wall. You would not point to the sub as a source of sound, but you would have before the SubDude.