Rega Planet Original vs 2000 - Is it better?

I just sold my original planet to a family member that I was encouraging to get into hi-fi with the intention of finding another one for myself. I ended up buying a planet 2000 locally that was a fairly good deal and was surprised at the sonic differences. I have read that the differences were small and if you had an original it would not be worth upgrading to the 2000. I've always liked the original and was very happy with it. In many ways I would conceed that the 2000 is better than the original but in overall sound I'm not sure. I upgraded the power cable to a lower end Audio Magic and that seemed to help. Anyone else have this experience?
I have both, I use the original is my back-up but,doing a side by side comparison,I find the 2000 has a little more bottom end,while the original seems to have a smoother mid section.
IMHO, the trade off is minimal. For all out aesthetics, the 2000 remains in my rig at present.
I suppose that it is the smooth mid range that I miss. I have to admit that the bass is stronger and there is more detail. My son, who plays alot of guitar, stated that with the original planet when passing by my listening room he would not be able to tell if I was listening to a CD or Vinyl. Now he claims to be able to tell the differnce.
I suggest that you try a Chris Venhaus power cord for your Rega. They are inexpensive and DO improve midrange timbre and smoothness.
Chris advertises on Agon classifieds as VH Audio.
BTW chris is the original developper of the 12AWG +Teflon power cords. He kindly published the design on the Internet for everyone to copy as they wished. He now provides fully assembled cords.
Good luck