Rega Jupiter Vs Moon Equinox

Has anyone out there done a comparison test between the Rega Jupiter and The Moon Equinox? I demo'd a Jupiter and rather enjoyed it but was curious as to how it stacks up the the Equinox as they are close in price.

I listened to both in my home system, the big Merlins and a Pathos Classic II. The Rega seemed to give mediocre definition to the music. The music seemed very spare and poorly separated. The sound stage seemed wide but not deep. I was disappointed. The Equinox, not an SE model, was much more forward sounding. The sound was quite musical and very satisfying. The music had attack and engaged me as a listener. I am now listening to the Moon 5.3. Wow! What a difference. Small groups are well defined, the speakers are invisible, voices have tubelike timbre, the separation is beautifully defined, not so forward but much more musical and natural. I recently compared the 5.3 with the Rega Saturn and Audio Aero Prima. These two pieces were very, very good. Yet, the 5.3 outdoes them both because of its ability to allow the source to sound oh so natural, with air, space and presentation.