Simaudio: Stellar or Equinox???

I am in the process of putting together a 2-channel HT. Musical reproduction is the key goal, but simplicity and less componentry is always welcomed. My question is this:

How does the Simaudio Steller fair against the Equinox regarding redbook playback?

I have a Sony DVP999ES that I could keep for DVD and SACD (a nice added bonus but not a need for me). Which, in your opinion do you think I would be happy with for musical reproduction?

Sim Equinox for CD
Sony DVP999ES for DVD/SACD


Sim Stellar for both CD & DVD
(one less component, one less remote, less cables and mess, but will I lose some sound too???)

I look forward to your comments! Thanks!
Glad to see you're still at it! First of all, I think either way you're going to have excellent results. Of course, I may be a little biased as I own a SImaudio CDP. Anyway, I think it may come down to budget, and how fanatical you are about your Redbook collection. If you really value music over HT and want to not worry about another Redbook player for awhile, I'd say go the Equinox route. Plus, since the Hi-Res format wars appear to be nowhere near sorted out, you may want to compromise in the HT area for the time being, since even the next generation video formats are up for grabs. That being said, I suspect the Stellar would not have much of a noticeable drop off in sound quality - but if you want to someday upgrade video separate from audio, it may make sense to offload those capabilities into another player.


Thanks for the response Glenn, I didn't realize you now have a Sim CDP? Music is definitely my priority. HT sound and even picture is important but still a distant second. Have you heard the Steller? I would love to have one box for everything for simplicity sake, but I am thinking the dedicated Equinox might give me the better musical presentation? Just wondering how much I'll lose in redbook playback to get the convienence?

BTW, what are you now pairing the Sim with?
I haven't heard the Stellar yet. I think it is an assumption that the dedicated, single format box can offer slight improvements in sound quality because the overall architecture is simpler and you can really optimize the analog output stage and DAC. That being said, from an objective standpoint, there is no reason why any multiformat player should sound worse provided that it is well engineered. I don't think Simaudio would put out a player that wasn't at least very good at redbook playback. Also, whether you can tell any difference can be system dependent. Right now I am running the Eclipse into a Musical Fidelity kW-500 integrated amp, feeds my Wilson WATT Puppy 5.1s approximately 770 wpc at the WPs' nominal 4 Ohm load.