Rega Electronics and Devore Fidelity

Anyone used Gibbon 9's with a Rega Elicit?
No, but I have heard Gibbon 8's paired with an LFD III - a close cousin of the Rega Elicit, one might argue. Was a very nice combo - more of a concrete, detailed sound than the much-ballyhooed pairing of LFD with Harbeth, and with firmer bass, although lacking that much-prized airy relaxation of the Harbeths. On the whole, I remember preferring the Devore pairing, but that's just me. Hope that helps a little...
The Rega Elicit doesn't sound close to the LFD III. Like Cfluxa I have listened to both Elicit and LFD on the Harbeth and find the LFD to be a more involving unit with more energy and life-like presentation. The Elicit sounded more flat and lacked sparkle in comparison.

As always, matching plays a big role when it comes to choosing the right amp for the speaker. Unfortunately I have not tried the Rega Elicit on the Devore Fidelity so I can't comment on this one. I do know of a forummer who used the Elicit on Zu Audio Essence and liked the results. From my experience I suspect the Elicit will work better with forward sounding speakers than warm sounding speakers.
Ryder - thanks for the clarification - I had heard that the Rega Elicit shared characteristics with the LFD III but I guess that wasn't necessarily accurate. In any case, I'd suspect Ryder is correct about pairing the Elicit with more forward-sounding speakers.

The larger point, of course, is that the success of combos like this is indeed hard to predict - even if the Elicit did sound closer to the LFD, it's no cinch the combo with Devores would work. This is why I was very tempted to keep my mouth shut in the first place!