refurbished xa7es or scdxa9000es

Hi, all.

I recently sent sony my xa7es to Sony for repair, but they did not fix it and sent me a refurbished unit instead. Since I am very upset they said they would replace it with a scdxa9000es. I have no sacd's and probably will not get into them. Should I keep the refurb xa7es or get a scdxa9000es.
I'm using my XA7ES directly into a Pass Aleph 3, in my bedroom music system. I would not accept a 9000ES in it's place. What was wrong with your XA7ES when you sent it in?
Hey Daniel,

A local tech said he thought the problem was a "logic" problem and it probably needed a new chip. The local tech is a very knowledgable guy. Sony would not tell me exactly what they thought the problem was. From my perspective, it would power up, but not play. Should I ask for a scd-1 instead or is that asking for too much?!

You can push Sony very hard, but you have to move on up the ladder to a decision maker and make your case, probably by saying yours was a top of the line CDP way back when and now the SCD-1 is. It took me a few months to push the process along but I ended up with what I wanted.

Happy Listening.

I'm in the same boat with my Sony SCD-777ES SACD player.
It powers up but recognizes (& plays) cds or sacds approximately 1/2 of the time. It has been in the box for over a year. Sony's regional service center used to be here in Scottsdale, AZ, about 1 mile from my house. Now I have to ship the player out of state, using those non-believers at UPS or FED Ex to ship it. Both have earned their incompetance stripes with me, recently.
I'm not familiar with the SCDXA9000ES, does it have a variable out? That is a very important feature, to me. It may not be as important to you.
the xa9000es does not have a variable output, only fixed in either multi-channel or 2 channel
I was under the impression that the SCD-1 is discontinued, leaving the XA-9000ES as the flagship player.
The last batch of SCD-1s was built by Sony in June 2002. It's highly unlikely there any new ones left.