I see a term "Reference" is being used all the time for the name of hi-end audio reference, sound reference and etc...I wonder if there is any explanation for it. I also wonder what "MK" states for.. like my amp has postfix "MK1", equlizer "MK2"....Thanks!
I and my audiophile friends only use the term "reference" regarding a companie's flagship product that the company believes is the finest peice they can produce at the present time. For example, ML reference 33 mono-blocks, their most expensive/finest piece that they build. The only other way we use the term is regarding our personnal reference as a baseline to measure new pieces of gear against in our systems.
MK1,MK2....MK...N is a model sequence #-r. Literally it means Mark1...2...
As to Reference I agree with Teejay mostly in one true definition i.e. the most expencive component among all produced.
reference means nothing. Marketing babble.