Choosing Paradigm reference 40's v 2&3, 60's v 2&3

I recently purchased a Marantz SR 6300 for HT and 2 channel listening. I have listened to many speakers and I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare the Paradigm 40's both version 2 & 3, and the 60's both versions 2 & 3. I have listened to all of these however have not had a chance to listen to the v2 vs. v3 in a side by side comparison. None of the dealers had both versions to compare. I have not seen any reviews yet on the v3 models.

I will be running the system in a room 20'x20' all hard wood floors and no curtains to soak up the sound.

In addition I have listened to Klipsch, PSB, Audio Monitor, and B&W. I really liked the B&W signature series but the price was high and I would likely have to change my receiver even though I purchased it only six weeks ago.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry Glennw I have no experience with those combinations.But having listened to v2s and v3 versions.The v3s are an improvement, at least to my ears.It will be hard for you to choose unless you can audition them at home. This will be the best way if the dealers will let you bring them home.I recommend also looking at the 20v3s mated with a musical sub.Then maybe later on you could upgrade to separates and hear what those speakers really can do!

No offence to your choice of equipment but in my opinion whichever speaker you choose you need to do justice to them in terms of amplification. Paradigm's need a good amp to really sing and they do have that potential.

I own the Paradigm 40 v2, and have tried few amps with it and they are IMHO pretty good at revealing the upstream components.

Any good speaker which is revealing can in due course of time become fatiguing due to bad partnering. You actually would be doing injustice to the Paradigms, not the Marantz.

My take on the Paradigm Studio 40 v2

Just my two cents,

I have no info for you - just wanted to mention that I am looking forward to reading responses to your thread. Just like you, I'm shopping for a pair of front mains, and my short list is the 4 Paradigms you mentioned. I'm also using a Rava sub. I'm leaning toward the studio 40 v.3 today, but tomorrow...
Great review Quadophile,Yeah you are certainly correct as for as the equipment goes.These speakers love some good amplification.I auditioned the Paradigm 20v3s at home with a 585 adcom limited audition and a Dared tube preamp.Having owned a near full range speakers(25hz tp 20khz) for over a year...I didn't expect great bass extention from a monitor.Well I was wrong ..the adcom controls the cone on these so well I was blown away with it's performance.The midrange on these speakers just rolls over you and covers my listening room!I could stand 3 feet to the outside of this speaker left or right and still locate the center image.I haven't heard many speakers that could do that!Unfortunetly they only graced my living room for 48 hrs and were sold to a friend that wanted them.But I have ordered another pair and await their arrival! The tweeter on these are smoother than I expected.Also being a fan of silk dome tweeters I find these hold their own very well.Only in initial breakin did I detect harshness but givin 15 hrs there was a big improvement.I know they will improve up to 200hrs or so like any other speaker.Accept for movies I find these sufficient for music.The bass extention is below 40 hz in my room.I can still feel the pluck of Christian McBrides bass I'am good to go!

Low level resolution and depth are extremely good with these speakers as well.That new 7 inch midrange driver is something else..very fast and clean.I'am also a fan of the Martin Logans having auditioned them recently.I find the Paradigms hold their own with depth and space,While providing a better driver integration.The speakers will disappear even in the smallest room!

The friend who bought my pair is a big fan of B&W.He admitted he was nearly speechless after getting them home and hooking them up.And said from memory they more than held their own against the 805s!A very expensive monitor.
V2 and V3 are sonically very similar. The v3s may be a bit smoother where the v2 a little more forward in the treble. The 40s image better than the 60s but obviously have less authority at the bottom. All the Studio series offer a lot for the money. IMO they are a solid buy. You will need a good front end and authoritative amplification to bring out their best.

Comparing Paradigm studios to Signature B & Ws is not exactly apples to apples. Not only are the Sigs sonically superior they are many many times more expensive. You would be better served auditioning the CDM or 700 series from B & W. However, they will be approx. 25% to 50% more expensive than similar Paradigm studios, but nowhere near as expensive as the Sigs.

If your budget runs from B & W Sigs to Paradigm studios…there are tons of great speakers to chose from. Silverline, Dynaudio, Meadowlark, Soliloqy, Von Schweikert, Joseph Audio, Green Mountain, etc. etc.

Listen to as many as you can.

Patricia Barber's CD's sound fantastic with all those notes from the Acoustic Bass which Michael Arnopol plays. I am sure you are familiar with her music.

One of the most dynamic recording I heard on these was Keb Mo's Slow Down particularly the 3rd track. This particular CD has the bass slam which can shake and rattle ones bones. Overall an excellent recording.

I would be very curious to know what your opinion is once you have heard them after the break-in period is over. I read somewhere that LS3/5A' take five years to break-in to sound right I cannot be sure as mine are 1978 models. Do you think they have broken-in? LOL

Happy Listening.

It's funny you mention those cds.I own both and have listened to them with the 20s.They really do justice to these recordings.Well...I figured if I liked them before complete breakin.I will love them after they have loosened up!The new pair just came in today.So they will get the breakin they deserve.

I admit I have bashed Paradigm a time or two in the past.But after owning speakers nearly 4 times the cost of these.I can honestly say they didn't give me 4 times the perfomance!
It is hard to judge a speaker unless you can do it at home and hear how your room interacts with them.I'am glad I gave these a chance and brought them home.I see nor hear a need to spend more on a monitor!

Yeah, Quad I think those LS3/5As are broken in now!

Happy Listening!

You switched from speakers 4 times the price, I switched from Maggies to Paradigms. We both seem to like the sound, what does that prove? Someone once said, "Building a no cost speaker to sound good is one thing but building a budget speaker to sound good is an engineering feat".

You may be right my LS3/5a's must be broken-in by now.

You must have come across many places that listening with your own ears is important, but, listening in your own environment holds the key, which in fact is the ultimate test of any equipment you plan to get for yourself.

I hope you are enjoying them, and hopfully even more so once you get them to complete the initial break-in period.

Keep spinning those great albums you have!

Happy Listening!