Redbook CD s

I'm new and have to ask, what are redbook CD's???

I'm old and have to tell:

Redbook CD is your common buy it at WalMart CD.
44.1Khz. A standard CD. Redbook is the technical manual
that describes the standards for CD production.

Hope This helps!
.......I would just add to Beemer's description that the "Redbook" CD is a 16 bit recording (as opposed to DVD-A's 24 bit at a sample rate of 96 KHZ). Cheers. Craig
thanks for your help. Soooo many terms, soooo much to learn.
I remember seeing this thread a while back and have stumbled
across a good description of the "books", so here it is:

Red-book: Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA). Discs have "Digital Audio" printed below the "CD" logo.

Yellow Book: Compact Disc Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). Discs have "Data Storage" beneath the "CD" logo.

Green Book: Compact Disc Interactive (CD-I) have "Interactive" printed beneath the "CD" logo.

Orange Book: Write-once recordable Compact Discs (CD-R) have "Recordable" beneath the "CD" logo.

Blue Book: CD-EXTRA (formerly known as CD-Plus), discs contain digital audio and data, indicated by a "+" alongside the "CD" logo.

White Book: Compact Disc Digital Video (Video-CD), discs contain MPEG video and have "Digital Video" below the "CD" logo.

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