Record Store Day---2nd Drop

Happy 2nd drop RSD!  Weird this year for sure.

I only had a few on my list for this RSD.  Got all 4.

Fleetwood Mac-The Alternative Rumours


McCartney, Paul-Paul McCartney (held over from 1st drop to 2nd)

X-Files-Music From the Show, (glow-in-the-dark vinyl)

The couple of stores I frequent, have adapted a "lottery" type system.  Very fair and this time I had plenty of time to get from one place to other.
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Good deal Mofi.
Unfortunately only one of my LRS do RSD and that one is run by a bit of a jerk so I tend to not go.
And I had forgotten all about it tbh.🤭
I wanted the Mott the Hoople compilation and found that online and have it ordered. I also ordered the McCartney record and stopped by my local record store this afternoon and picked up the last Allman Brothers at the Fillmore West. It was the first time I'd been inside the store since Covid started I think and it was nice to thumb through records again. I walked out with a big stack records.
I walked out with a big stack records.

That's what I call a VERY productive Saturday.  RSD or not!

COVID19, hell no, VINYL 2020!!!
Somebody had sold or traded in what looked like some pretty nice records. They were all sleeved in mofi inner sleeves and looked very clean. I grabbed a couple of things that I already have because they looked a lot better.