Record Care Question

I read on Wikipedia that you should not store records on wood shelves due to expanding and contracting. Is this an accurate statement?
Holy Canoly, some people can worry about the most arcane low probabilty events imaginable. I suppose if you live in a poorly insulated, drafty house in the northeast, a wooden shelf might flex enough in the course of a year to be discernible. Perhaps that might wear a few molecules of paper off unprotected covers. I've stored hundereds of lps for decades on wooden shelves three feet wide and I've never had the most miniscule of ill consequences.
No, not in my experience. My collection happens not to be stored on wood shelves, but a friend's 10,000 LP collection is on wood shelves and has been as long as I can remember.
If you leave even an inch or so of space the shelves are not going to contract that much, tightly packed records on a shelf regardless of wood, stone, whatever is not a good thing.
I talked to a guy the other day that moved 6,000 albums into a 100 year old house. He put them in the center of the bedroom floor above the living room without thinking. He said one night he was sitting in the living room, and noticed a large crack in the ceiling. Apparently, the weight from all those albums was causing the whole floor to sag. So he went up, and gently moved the albums from the edges of the stacks systematically going around the stacks, and putting them along the walls, being careful not to put any extra weight on the center of the floor.
That wacky Wkipedia.You can look u- anything!I guess harder surface is better but soft pine might lessen pressure on bottom seam (of course storing your Lp's in plastic cocers or better clear japan clear sleeves with VRP's and outside of jacket-but that's obvious).I should put down my whole ritual depending on new or used LP's (new one should be cleaned because of release compounds left).Gunky,smoky,gummy Lp's get LAST Power Cleaner and either Alssop cleaning pads or LAT brushes then get vacuumed with bath of 1 pint alcohol in bottle of distilled water with few drops of photo flow (breaks water tensions spread evenly) and clearest dish liquid-but only 3-4 DROPS per Gallon.Then last clean with water.Experementing now with mini steamer in mix as well.Then a must super expensive but ohh soo worth it LAST Preservative.Tech at VPI who has nothing to sell gain said that folks brought him Lp's at shows that had been treated at opening and each fifty plays for a buck or ;less of liquid and he said they sounded like they had been played half or maybe a dozen times.He'd ask and they' say 200,500 times etc.Really retards wear and worth the price.
If I put my record collection on wood shelves during a heat wave, will it expand my collection?

Theresa might want to do the opposite. She has too many.