Recommendations of Cables to a Sub.

I have a Paradigm Seismic 110 subwoofer which I intend to run in my 2 channel audio system of stand mount speakers. Currently using all Jorma Origo cabling in my system. Would it be best to use the same brand and series of interconnect from amp to sub that I use from amp to speakers?

Any thoughts would be appreciated or alternative solutions. In my case the cost of the IC would far outweigh the subs value.
I believe you are referring to a line-level connection to the sub, as the sub does not appear to have speaker-level inputs.

Assuming that your main speakers are passive (i.e., they don't include a built-in power amplifier), the technical characteristics and requirements of the interfaces to the main speakers and to the sub are totally different. Also, any effects of the cables to the sub on frequencies that are above the deep bass part of the spectrum would be irrelevant.

Therefore I see no reason to use the same cable brand for the two applications. I would suggest that you consider inexpensive but well-made cables from Mogami, Blue Jeans, Signal Cable, etc.

-- Al
Thanks Al.
Yes, the connection from my amp to sub would be line level. There are a set of XLR preouts on the back of my amp. I need to use a pair of XLR cables from the amp and a pair of XLR to RCA adaptors for the sub side to keep the L and R channels consistent. There is only a sole XLR input on the back of the Paradigm so I am a bit wary of using a Y splitter.
Yes, summing the two XLR outputs together with an XLR y-adapter could cause problems, depending on the design of the amp. Using XLR to RCA adapters might also cause problems, though, especially if the adapters short XLR pin 3 (the inverted signal in the balanced signal pair) to ground (XLR pin 1 and the RCA ground sleeve). Many and probably most adapters do that, unfortunately. I believe that Cardas adapters are an exception, which leave pin 3 unconnected on XLR-female to RCA adapters (that would be used for XLR outputs; pin 3 SHOULD be shorted to ground on RCA to XLR-male adapters, that would be used for XLR inputs).

What model amp is it?

-- Al
The amp is a Vitus RI-100.
It does not have a dedicated sub output.
But the 2 XLR preouts can be used into a subwoofer.
Both XLRs need to be used when I emailed Vitus recently.
Just an update that I have ordered a pair of Signal Cable female XLR to RCA interconnects. I am a tiny bit worried about your comments on the grounding issue though. Will see how it goes.

Thanks again for all your help Al.
You are a fountain of knowledge.
Thanks, Vmhf!

In saying that most adapters ground pin 3 I was referring to adapters like these, as opposed to adapter cables. If you contact Signal Cable, I would think that they could easily arrange for the cables to be supplied with XLR pin 3 unconnected, or perhaps they would even supply it that way normally, given that the XLR is female (implying that it would be used on an output).

Many and perhaps most components, btw, would have no problem even if an output signal on pin 3 were grounded, but some will.

Also, I see that your amp is made in Denmark. Equipment from European countries, as I understand it, often uses pin 3 for the non-inverted signal and pin 2 for the inverted signal, which is the opposite of the USA pin convention. If so, you should be able to compensate for that with the phase alignment control on the sub, but it might be worthwhile asking Vitus which of those two pins is non-inverted relative to the amp's speaker outputs. If they respond quickly, and if the answer is that pin 3 is non-inverted, you could ask Signal Cable to leave pin 2 unconnected rather than pin 3, and to connect pin 3 to the RCA center pin. As I say, though, the phase control on the sub should allow you to get everything in phase either way.

I don't think you'll have any problems with this approach, but if for any reason you do, keep in mind that an alternate approach would be to use a line-level mixer that would combine two XLR inputs into a single XLR output. Since professional audio equipment tends to use XLR connectors, there are many such devices that are available, including reasonably good ones at prices that are low by audiophile standards. B&H carries a lot of them.

-- Al
I now have a pair of Signal cable XLR to RCA cables connected between my Vitus amp and sub. In fact got a second sub today and must say the sound the bass is so tuneful. Signal Cable left pin 3 unconnected upon request.

Very happy with the results whilst the IC did not cost an arm and a leg.

I now have the Signal Cable MagicPower power cord on order to be used with the subs which should improve things even more.
Hi Vmhf, can you give me your impression of the Vitus integrated amp? I am very interested in getting one. What speakers are you using with them? Are you going to get the DAC module? I have been using Signal cables for a long time. Signal is among the very few cable makers who offer high quality affordable cables that can be used in your reference system.