Recommendations for small, wall mount speakers

I need help in finding small speakers capable of being wall mounted, i.e in a ceiling corner, for some newly renovated areas in my basement.

The areas are small, thus the need for something off the floor. One area will be a gym area, and another a game room. A third area will have a small home theater setup.

For the gym and game room, I think I will need a total of 6 speakers. They will be driven by 2 separate moderate output receivers. My budget is $1k. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are OK.

The home theater speakers will have a budget of $500.

Thanks for your help.
There may be better speakers out there for your application, but from personal experience I would recommend the NHT SuperZero. I've had a pair since 1995, and they've been just great.

Brand new they ran about $125 each, used on Audiogon or Ebay much cheaper I'm sure. Depending on what level of bass reproduction you're seeking, a subwoofer may be needed. And you could easily get a matching NHT SW2P or similar that would blend with them nicely.

Good luck!
What about Gallo Acoustics. Tiny little sats about the size of a baseball.
'Boston Accoustics Bravos' are wall mounted. I used to have a pair of these and was quite satisfied with thier preformance. they run about 200 each. These can be used as Mains, Center, Surround, rears, just about anything. They are very easy to get mounted.
They are shaped like a 1/4 cylinder, so it can fit in a 90 degree corner and be flush on both sides, Or they can be placed on a flat wall and look just fine.

Might be a little more than you want to spend, but they do sound real good. Especially for HT
Boston Acoustic VR-MX are what I finally bought after testing MANY speakers for boundary influence. You wouldn't believe how many two-ways (inc MANY surrounds designed for wall-mounting like PSB and JM Labs) sound like congested crap when pushed back onto a wall!
Finally I discovered these bipolar/direct beauties. I picked them up at BA< where I stumbled upon their design engineer, who gushed with pride when I complimented him on how well they were voiced for boundary support. He of course said he worked hard to get that 2 pi/4 pi stuff right. Kudos! $700 list, but you can get 'em around $500.