Recommendations for inexpensive Integrated

Small system in office.
Looked at an amp called the DARED Integrated, $869.
Anyone heard of this.
It's an all tube, 30WPC (all I'll need).
Thoughts, suggestions.

marry it up the matched REGA DAC or cdp
I posted to your other post. Look at the Emotiva Mini-X integrated, it is a very nice little integrated amp and is $700 less than the Dared:

Has anyone heard the Vincent 236, Integrated? German design, made in China.
It has favorable reviews, but I'd prefer to hear about it from you guys.
You might want to look at the new TEAC reference series integrated, the AI-501DA. It's 30w at 8 ohm of Class D power. Very musical with USB, coax and TosLink inputs and a high-quality DAC. About $750 street.

Also, for a bookshelf or desktop system, it has a small footprint, about the size of letter size paper.

Plus, you can't deny the output meters are cool.
Hello--I bought a Marantz integrated a few years ago, one of the "lower" models and it has been flawless. Their current line up is at all price points so perhaps there is a current model that falls within your price.
The NAD D 3020 at $499 has received a lot of praise.