Recommendations for B&W M-1

I just picked up a pair of B&W M-1 on sale and plan on using them in a simple 2 speaker set up (for now). My wife wants something simple that looks good, so I thought I would try to build a modest system around them.

Next up, I am looking for an amp to pair with them.12' x 14' living room in a condo. Amp doesn't need to go loud, it just needs to be enjoyable at low volumes. My sources are simple for now: bluetooth (music) and TV (movies). My needs:
- optical in
- low profile
And it would be nice if it had bluetooth, but that is not in anyway a requirement. I can add that on later
New or used doesn't really matter. Max Budget: $600 

I was thinking the Sprout PS100 might fit the bill, but am looking for other suggestions. Specifically cheaper, and simpler.

Much appreciated!