Recommendation for detailed/analytical bookshelf speaker?

Hi. As it is almost impossible to find the "perfect" speaker and having to choose, I always tend towards very detailing and analytical speakers. What I love the most is having the sensation that the artist is playing right in front of me, being able to hear the instruments as close to reality as possible. I hate the "veiled", dark, opaque or recessed some speakers provide and if to hear as close to reality, holographic, microscopic means to get some fatigue after a while or any other inconveniences I wouldn't care. I can always hear music in a more relaxed way at other times with some good bluetooth speakers I have, but for the time when I can to examine music, close my eyes and feel every note playing at me as if the instruments were there, I don't like having limitations.

I've tried a pair of KEF R7 speakers (those are floorstanding), a pair of Triangle Titus 202, a pair of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR and Polk Audio miniscule OWM3 with my gear: NAD M22 V2 amplifier, NAD M10 integrated and Cayin A-50 MKII and believe it or not, the sound that I've found closer to "being there" and reality were the OWM3 mini bookshelf speakers. The highs on the OWM3 are the clearest BUT the Triangle Titus also do a very good work. The KEF R7 speakers are way more expensive than the others but I find the sound is darker than the other ones.

I've read and read forums and watched YouTube videos but I think I'm at a lost in my "quest". The last hint I read was that the Martin Logan speakers, with their "Folden Motion" or "Folded" tweeter provides quite a good sense of clarity and detail at the expense, some times, to get a "cold" sound. If by cold they mean extra detail, extra analysis, then I'm in.

So, after that long explanation (my excuses), could you please suggest me bookshelf speakers (that room I'm using is not big: 12'12" x 19'3) that could get me the kind of sound I'm looking for? Thank you very much.

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For your taste/preferences you should be looking at loudspeakers with AMT or ribbon tweeters as others have mentioned. Martin Logan, GoldenEar, Ascend, Adam Audio (powered) are all highly regarded. A number of years ago I was curious about AMT tweeters and purchased a pair of Mark and Daniel Ruby's. I used them for quite some time and was very happy with their performance. They are a detail champ. I only moved on because curiosity struck again. I still have them in storage and they get rotated into the system when the mood strikes. Good luck on your search.


From a logic standpoint, your strategy makes sense...BUT...just remember that as you move "up the chain" the higher versions will likely be bigger and as a result, they may or may not couple well with your room...especially if the speaker is quite large and the room is quite small.

Good luck....please report back how the 225s and the LX16s sound.
Try Legacy Audio Studio Hd.  AMT tweeters, and nice size woofers for a bookshelf.  
B&w or Harbeth would do the work
This is fascinating.  Your POV of buying a low end speaker and seeing if you like it may or may not work.  I have found several manufacturers, when they switch to higher end tweeters, the sound profile changes completely.  Additionally, I think you and I may have similar taste.  

I am a fan of stand-mounts and listened to everything I could under $25K.  Other than the Kaiser Chiara ($22K) I was vaguely disappointed with every speaker I heard which is what led me to start my company. 

At the lower end (under $6K) I found sound stage lacking if the speaker was ultra detailed and I listened to several speakers mentioned above.  If detail and neutrality weren't a strength, the soundstage was usually much better.  Above $6K soundstage improved dramatically but I either hated the tweeter (I find Beryllium's metalic and bright sounding) or the speaker didn't work in my room.  I even bought a very expensive pair of stand mounts with a wonderful ribbon tweeter and the soundstage I heard in the showroom did not come together in my room.  

I developed a line of speakers that met my needs I offer a very realistic sounding speaker called the Blackthorn 1. I just had someone in demoing them and they exact quote was "if feels like I am in the studio."  My concern is that your NAD gear might be a bit warm for pairing for pairing with the Blackthorn though the Master Series is a bit more neutral than their other gear.  

If you are in NYC Metro, Boston or Philly I could arrange for a demo in your home.  If you are elsewhere, I am thinking about putting together an in-home demo program where you would "rent" the speaker from me via Fat LLama.  If you aren't familiar, it is a rental service that protects me in case of damage, etc...  The rental fee would be the cost of round trip shipping and I would take that off the final price if you opt to order them.  

If you are interested, check my speakers out at:

After AXPONA things sold out quickly and I am waiting on parts.  I think that I will be back in stock this week.  I do offer a second speaker called the Nightshade 1 but it offers a bit of a colored sound.  The Blackthorn is Precise and Refined, the Nightshade is Soulful.