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Streamer Upgrade
@willg1985  Up until I got the Rose, I used an external dac......and have had a variety of dacs over time....last one was a ANK 4.1LE. The 9038 dac in the Rose is impressive.      
Streamer Upgrade
Rose Hifi.....I have the 150b that recently replaced a DCs network bridge and find it to b very good.  They have a 250 version that may fit ur budget.  Good luck w ur search.  
Preamp/DAC Suggestions
Rose is a fantastic streamer, dac, preamp, and a used unit can be had in the 4k - 4.5k range.  Good luck.  
Too many choices for R2R DACS--opinions appreciated
Audio Note Kit Dac 4.1 or 5.1.....they are awesome.....I have been through quite a few r2r dacs including the Terminator, Orchid, and such, and find the 4.1 to be absolutely fantastic.  Just does its job, no fuss.  Good luck.  
Thinking of taking the plunge.
A used Lumin u1 mini is a good option to consider.  No onboard dac.  
Need help choosing a new DAC
If u can find a used audio Note Kit dac, 2.1 or 4.1 it would be worth your while to try the out.  They ooze musicality, but very simple w no mqa, or OS,, etc. +1 for the Frerot.  Incredibly good for the price.  I have one w a external power suppl... 
Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver
If u fancy a trip to Kansas City, w some notice, u r welcome to listen to my system.  0/93s with Lejonklou Boazu and DCs network bridge for a source.  Best of luck in ur search.    
Integrated vs. Separates on a Budget
How many watts per channel do your speakers need?  If your speakers are 90db or greater, check out a Lejonklou Boazu........ Good luck.  
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
Check out the Lejonklou website, and see if this line might meet your requirements.  I would say that it is neutral, rather than warm, but for the type of music you listen to......neutral may work best IMO.  But, ymmv.  Good luck.  
Different R2R DACs
I had the Terminator w latest dsp board in my system for a year.  IMHO it was a very good.  Leaned sligtly on the warmer side, but detail and clarity was spot on.   I have since gone back to an ANK 2.1 dac.....still one of the best. Another R2R ... 
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
+1 for Lejonklou Boazu 
Recommended streamers/servers?
Highly recommend a DCS network bridge.I believe that they are recently discontinued, but to be supported for a few more years.   
DAC That Punches Above Its Price Point
Check out the Merason beats out the Qutest.  No dsd, no filters, no frills, just music.  1794A Burr Brown chip. 
Streamer Advice / Recommendation for Denafrips R2R DAC
Lumin U1 mini.  I use it with my Terminator, and the combo is quite good.   
Considering an integrated
Do some research on a Lejonklou Boazu integrated.  No inbuilt phono, but a very simple design of solid state.  I have replaced my Leben tube integrated with this, and am very happy.Good luck.