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A moderate priced dac
Yes.+1 for the Chord Qutest, fpga based dac.  Get a used one and u will b happy u did. 
Very small room systems and synergy
I run a pair of Legacy Studio HD(AMT tweeter and 8 inch driver) with a Wyred4Sound MINT integrated in my second system, pretty happy with it.  The MINT is a small form factor amp that puts out 100wpc @ 8ohms.  Something to consider if you are chan... 
Bookshelf Bake Off
What is your favorite High EFF speaker
Devore O series 
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
Buy a streamer without a dac, and find the dac you like......much more flexibility this way.I have a Lumin mini streamer, with a Chord Qutest dac, great match. 
Help with up to $1500 streamer
Lumin d2 miniOr a bluesound node 2 w an external dac. 
Recommendation for detailed/analytical bookshelf speaker?
Try Legacy Audio Studio Hd.  AMT tweeters, and nice size woofers for a bookshelf.   
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
Auditorium 23 
Chord Qutest - would you buy it again?
My Qutest is paired w a Lumin streamer, Line Magnetic integrated driving Devore 0/93s. Find the Dac to be a superb match in the system.  
Looking for an integrated tube amp under $2500
Line Magnetic 
Beginner choosing amp help
Try Wyred 4 Sound. Contact EJ, he is fantastic to deal with.....and the Wyred products are outstanding.The other one I would consider is a Vincent MK236ii or MK237.  Class A hybrid with a tube preamp section.....brute power.Good luck. 
Affordable Streamer with great Internet Radio, Tidal, Android support?
+1 for Bluesound Node 2....great unit for the price and works with Android like a charm.I have one I am about to list for sale.  Went with a Lumin U1 mini. 
Bookshelf Recommendations
Legacy Studio HD......Good luck. 
Proper DAC Upgrade for my modest system.
Chord dacs.....2qute or Qutest.  Compact units, great sound. 
Need DAC/Streaming Advice
Lumin U1 mini into an external dac.