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Considering an integrated
Do some research on a Lejonklou Boazu integrated.  No inbuilt phono, but a very simple design of solid state.  I have replaced my Leben tube integrated with this, and am very happy.Good luck. 
Wanting to try a tube amp.
I would recommend a used Leben cs600..... 
Recommendations for modern integrated with tone & balance controls other than Mcintosh
I have a Leben 600x integrated, it is absolutely fantastic.  If they can drive your speakers, worth doing it.My speakers are Devore O/93s ...and they match phenomenally well. 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
Leben cs-600x as long as you are good with tubes, and have speakers that are 90+db....... 
For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.
Leben w devore o series speakers....looks and sounds fab. 
What speaker – under $10k – has the best timbre and tonal qualities?
+1 for devore 0/93s 
Devore O93 vs Super 9s
I own a Leben cs600x w O/93s, A23 cabling, Denafrips Terminator dac.....a superb sounding system.   
Used Speaker in the 15k range
+1 for devore orangutan.  Be sure that you get a suitable amp and cabling for it.I have the 0/93 with a Leben amp, and find it to be very good.Good luck. 
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
Devore Orangutan 0/93's 
Better digital front end for my DAC
Lumin U1 Mini? 
Devore Fidelity Orangutan O/96
I have owned the 0/93's for 3 years now.  Originally had it paired with Line Magnetic 518, and now for the last year with a Leben CS600x. Cabling is all Auditorium 23.  Having listened to Harbeth's, I prefer the O's.  Placement is key, but the amp... 
Upgrade DAC recommendation
I use a Lumin U1 mini with a Denafrips Terminator dac, very happy with the results.   
What tube amp for Harbeth 40.1
I run the Leben 600x w my Devore 0/93.  Very nice combination.  PM me if you want to discuss the amp further. 
Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
Audioengine A5 + Audioengine S8 subwoofer......used..... 
Diminishing Returns