Recommend: Integrated amp for headphones and phono

Sub $1,000 used please.

I'm looking for something like my Accuphase E 202 but I prefer tubes.

I'd like an integrated amp with a headphone jack and a phono board. I'm listening mostly to jazz and although I loved my Sennheiser 650 I will probably try the Grado 500 next.

I really don't want to spend more than $1,000 for the integrated amp but you know how that goes...entice me and the sky is the limit: I'll both love and curse you for eternity.
The Marantz PM8004 has both, should drive Grado headphones well, unsure of the Sennheiser. Well worth an look see.
Check out the Rogue Audio Sphinx
The Sphinx is a little more than a thousand new. Another option in the same family is a Rogue Audio Cronus (not Magnum version) used if you can find one. Both amps have headphone and phono capability and sound good. The Sphinx is a hybrid while the Cronus is full tube.