Recent Sigtech room correction users

I am looking for some recent user opinions on the Sigtech room conditioner.
What would you like to know? I own 4 SigTech's. Each has 2 channels. I use one for 2 channel audio and 3 for 6 channel home theater. I have a dedicated room designed for proper acoustics. Despite that, the SigTech still makes a significant improvement. All speaker-room interactions cause frequency abberations in the lower midrange and upper bass. Once you have listened to a clean lower midrange and upper bass, you can't go back. The SigTech is able to flatten the frequency response of each speaker across the entire frequency range. When the left speaker matches the right speaker, imaging becomes much more precise. By the way, the SigTech makes these corrections in the "time domain", not the "frequency
domain" which means that all frequencies are "in phase" at the listening position. This product was ahead of its time and never was accepted by many in the high end community. It is, however, used by many recording studios.
How's it going "audioguy" Chuck?!
I would like to locate someone capable of re-calibrating my Sig Tech to a new room. At the time of purchase (about nine years ago) a very helpful company rep, Dennis Doyle, did the calibrating. One of his three settings for the former room works pretty well in the new room. I am also still using the DAC in the SigTech with my CD transport. However, I think things could be improved with a new calibration. Any help on this would be appreciated.