Is Sigtech alive and well?

Hi, I plan to get a new Sigtech Timefield room correction digital processor. However, talking to the company and reading their almost abandoned website, I get the impression that something is going on within the company. I will very much appreciate any feedback on Sigtech, their level of customner support and products.
I spoke with them a few month ago and they seemed to be fine. Most of their sales are to professional audio and not to high end. They also have a cool DAC for USB computer audio. They have always been very helpful when I spoke to them. They are a small company and small companies do go poof. What gave you the impression when you spoke to them that something was wrong?
They are alive and well. While they are a small company, they have managed to survive for over 10 years in this insane business.

In terms of the product, I am biased. I have signficant experience with it over the last 9 years and currently own three of them. There is no single purchase you can make in audio that will even come clost to improving the sound of your system as will this product.

I have never experienced any customer service problems.
Thnks for your responses. What got me worried is that they sent me to their UK distributor who claims he is no longer the distributor, not having sold a unit in 3 years. Cg70754, how much should I expect to pay for digital in-out unit. Did you set up the system yourself? Thanks
I use the Sigtech with Dunlavy SC-V's in a room that has acoustical treatment to begin with. I wouldn't live without the Sigtech. Nothing will bring out the music in your system like a Sigtech. I would sugggest that you have a Sigtech rep set up your system the first time. It will cost about $500. The unit is very flexible and powerful so having the help is important.
I did set up the room myself and have performed many hundreds of set ups for other people as well.

I think the bare bones digital in and out unit is around $6000 (US) but I would call SigTech and ask them. Assuming you live near where someone can do the install for you, the install fee is included in the price. I assume that since you were pointed to the UK distributor, you must live in the UK.
Yes Cg70754 is correct. The setup is included in the purchase price. The $400-500 charge is if you have a Sigtech rep come out and set up the system and then not buy.