Rebuild Troika or new Kontrapunkt b

Has anyone compared these two cartriges? Is the Ortofon a good match for Linn tables? Your help and advice are appreciated.
I think the Kontrapunkt B would be a good match. I think rebuilding the Troika would be good too.

I think you'd be better off all around with a Shelter 501.
..and drop the Linn for a Teres...
You realize there used to be (and maybe still is) a Russian beer called Troika. It was actually not bad, and very, very cheap.

Pbb, I would have thought you would like the Teres. It is a reasonably priced TT that gives great performance, and people can afford it. I would think it would be warmly received by the folks in the frozen mid-fi trenches. I think the same about the Shelter cartridges. Great value for the money, with performance exceeding many that cost 2-3 times as much. These should be right up your alley.
I don't live up an alley! How dare you! Next you will say it's a bowling alley! The gall! I 'spose you're a high-ender? BTW self-deprecation is a devious thing. Nothing wrong with you pushing for the stuff you own and like. I don't mind the barbs. Hope your skin is thick enough too. Enjoy the tunes.