Reasonably Priced PreAmp without Phono ?

Looking for any advice. This is for my second home. Amp is a McIntosh 7150.
This system will be used in my second home strictly for cd/dvd playback.
Used Quicksilver Linestage at around $500-$550; hard to beat in that price range.
Thanks !
Is the Quicksilver solid-state ?
Brand new, tubed, great peamp is the Malpetree Audio 2A SE Linestage: octal pin based; separate power supply; point-to-point wiring; 3 outputs, all customizable gain. I love mine. Extended, organic, palpable.
Try Meridian 502 S/S,remote... its balanced & unbalanced w/ customizable gain..believe you'll enjoy it 800-950 range
Go with Rockadanny won't regret it.
Used Audible Illusions 3 or 3A.
The Quicksilver is tubed, with a couple of 12AX7s (one per channel). Here's a link to more info:

Thanks !How about a solid state pre amp ?
My home is in a very remote area and I prefer the reliability of ss.
Audio by Van Alstine
Get yourself a Accuphase C200....on Ebay for $500 and there's a guy in Reno that can mod it for 300. I have two of these one for my main and the other for my bedroom system. I guarantee it will be the best $800 preamp you ever heard.....possibly better than 5-6k preamps. When my tech upgraded it the output signal mirrored the test signal...not many preamps do that. the dynamics,transperency and soundstage are stunning.
You're getting lots of good suggestions here and I suspect all would work fine.

One last word on the Quicksilver gear. I'm not sure I'd let reliability discourage your purchase in this case. I've owned two pairs of amps, a linestage and a phono pre (the preamp, phono pre, and my present amps, Silver Monos, were all purchased used) and I've never had even a hiccup with any of them. YMMV. Good luck.
I think I would prefer it with the remote. Do you have it with the remote ?
My other use will be as a dvd playback in conjunction with my high def. monitor.
I have located a used Krell KAV280P. Any opinions ? What is a fair price for this ?
I've never heard a Krell preamp.

Your request doesn't state a price or a solid state or tubed preference.

FWIW, I'll through out my opinion. An Audio Mirror T-61 remote tubed line stage. I have the next model up that also includes a phono stage. There are some good comments on this forum regarding the T-61 model.
If you don't need more than two inputs, how about the Shanling PH3000 headphone amp? Tube-based but wide bandwidth (spec'd out to 100KHz), with two line inputs and a pair of line outputs, 2 Neutrik headphone jacks, and an ALPS pot, all for $399.

I'm sorely tempted by this piece myself.
I also need to run hdmi cable to my plasma.
Sorry I meant I have it hooked to a plasma.
I'll also chime in on the Quicksilver gear.
I bought a Remote Control Linestage from reputable dealer over 4 years ago that was available from a trade in. I have never had a problem as well.
Customer service is top notch as well.