Rears: B&W S805s or N804s?

What would be a better choice for rear speakers for surround system?
Here's my setup:

Matrix 801 s3 for fronts
HTM 1 for center
ASW 800 for SW
S805s or N804s for rears (they cost about the same)

Which one would you choose?
Do you think ASW800 will add much to the set up given that surround use will be mostly for SACD/DVD-A and not for movies?
With your other speakers, I would probably stick with the nautilus line. I have mixed the N805 and S805 in my HT and there is a timbre change between the two.
Agree with Jamesw20 - stick with the Nautilus to match your center. Heck, N805s would be fine too!
I have a 13' X 24' room and use 2 ASW800 subs with my N802's and they just fill in enough in the lower frequency without intruding on what the N802 is playing. I had these subs with my Matrix series and just continued using them but I like them for music and movies for left and right channels.
Thanks guys! I think I will choose N804s in accord with your suggestions. Krell1, how did you disperse low frequency sounds between your N802s and SW? Does all low frequency sound go to SW or have you divided them between your N802s and SW? What sounds the best to you when listening to multichannel music?
I crossover the ASW800's at 40Hz and run both from the RCA outputs of my Krell AVS. I can do this because I use all 7 balanced outputs to the amps. I don't want to confuse things and it may sound crazy but I also run a center ASW800 with my HTM1 and you wouldn't beleive what low frequencies comes from the center channel. I select the center full range setting on the AVS and it's as close as I can get to identical front speakers. The ultimate is 5 identical speakers such as the Skywalker studio with 5 N802's and is how films are mixed. I use a front and rear Bag End Infra subs as the LFE channel. Don't forget the basic room treatments though because they are just as important. Everything in my size rooom sounds very real for either two or multi channel listening and my family begs for movies all the time.