Real basic

So I swapped into a used turntable about 6 weeks ago -seller cautioned me to get a new belt. 3 belts and three charges of bearing oil showed up Saturday - so i go to clean the old oil out of the bearing -MAYBE a drop of oil! Manufacturers charge of oil is 3 ml. . New belts are between 1/2 inch and maybe 3/4" tighter than what I've been using.Was trying to decide if I was being paranoid about speed instability compared to CD -yah think!!
All better now ( except for probably putting 4 years of wear on the bottom bearing in less than two months.)
Moral of the story: used is used - never assume anything is right.
You would be surprised to know how a 'film' of oil can protect a bearing. You didn't hurt anything, remember, we're only talking about 33.1/3 rpm here.