Rcomendation on power and preamp for PSB Golds

I have been looking at Acurus L10 preamp and A250 power amp.Also the Nakamichi CA 5 and PA 7 11.Which would sound better with the golds.I am using a Meridian 206 cd player and listen to pop mostly stuff like Cowboy Junkies,Amanda Marshall and Faith Hill.I have a large living room and like it LOUD.Thanks Rob
I have used a Bryston 4BST and a Spectron Musician II with the Gold i’s. I found the Spectron to be head and shoulders above the Bryston in terms of overall sound quality, plus, it’s a more powerful amp. I’m still using the Spectron, but with a pair of much higher priced speakers (Silverline LaFolia’s) and I still love this amp! My preamp is a VAC Vintage MKIII linestage and I’m using a Cary 306/200 CD. I would recommend a very good tube preamp with any solid state amp used with these speakers. Good Luck!
PS: IMO, for what the Golds cost, they are a great speaker!
I am running a NAD S100 Pre and a NAD S200 Amp with PSB Goldi speakers and they sound wonderful. A really nice combination. These are the Silver Series NAD units which are several levels above your average grey NAD stuff. In my experience many audiophiles ignor these NAD Silvers, that is until they are heard. They really sing with the Goldi speakers. I have a large room and also play it loud. The NAD S200 has plenty of meat to drive the 4 ohm Goldi's. Good luck
When I had them tried a 4Bst and then a Muse 160 and Model 3 pre. Can be had for about 1600 for the pair on used market and worked and sounded musical with the Goldi. Fully balanced and power to spare.
Yeah, I agreed with Rob, The S100/S200 combo plays beautifully with anything!!..I love it!!..It's driving my
KEF 4.2s without any problem..:-)