Rationalizing the Mark Levinson ML-40

I have read a little about the first Mark Levinson home theater processor, which, if nothing else, is certainly the most expensive unit [to be] available.

As one tries to move toward "the best there is", diminishing retuns set in--ergo, the need for rationalization.

I am interested in the thoughts of others about this product. Is it incomparable? How close is "next best"?

Thank you.
You can check out the online pdf manual

Looks interesting but 30k (20k for audio + 10k for video)
is too steep for me. I hope one of the audio mags reviews
it soon just to see how "awesome" or not the No.40 is.
A well equipped Muse MAP does all the ML 40 does for half the price...

MAP = Modular Audio/Video Platform.


Coming to a theater, and AND/OR a two channel store near you soon.

Don't bother rationalizing. Theta Casablanca II is a superior product, better support, better upgradeability, and more customizable. And to top it off, it's less expensive even fully loaded.
Thanks for the input Sdrconsultant, where were you able to demo the No40 ? The CII is better and superior in which way ?
Please, the Theta Casablanca 2 is nowhere near the product of the ML-40. In fact, meridian and lexicon better it and by a wide margin. The ML 40 was set out to be a reference piece. 2 seperate boxes with the best technology available today. Levinson took all of the knowledge from their high end preamp (15k) and seperated the video from the audio. Harmon Kardon owns lexicon and the new Levinson will also have logic 7 making it the king of the hill in audio, video and digital processing. Is it overpriced, absolutely. Is it the best available, no question about it.
I dont think anyone can justify this product, you just have to love this hobby to the point of obsession. I myself have over 250 thou in my system and would not even consider the 40. just too expensive for me at this time, also when you get the latest and hopefully best its not long for it to be bettered by something else usually for less money. striveing for excellence is very enjoyable but difficult to ever completely achieve since were always trying to do better, Now if money were not an object and in my situation would want at least 5mil in the bank, i would buy it in a heartbeat,but not there yet so i myself have to look on the side lines and dream. although my system as a package just like many others systems could even sound better than with the 40 in it. it would sure be nice to play with mega dollar pieces,thats my rational ,like you said lot of money for that extra tenth or even less just like my drag car.
regards mike..
Wait a sec hotrod, you have $250K of gear in your system and you are calling a reference video processor that costs $30K overkill that includes both state of the art audio and some pretty great video processing capabilities? You are calling the 40 diminished returns? And your 250K system didn't meet the law of diminishing returns already? Your comments make little sense...
Well, Im not going to even comment on hotrods post..

Brian, so does a $399 Sony mini-system, doesn't mean the quality/sonics/etc will be there.

ML incorporated its best technology, preamp, DACs...etc..
lets listen and see !
slartibartfast, all i was trying to express is at 30 to40 thousand for a piece of gear you only have to rationalize the purchase to yourself,ive already spent lots of cash on mega gear and every year something comes out betterso saying something is the best is only temporary. the 40 is a world class piece but i myself cant justify my trying to upgrade every time something better comes out, thats why i said if money was no object id sell my 32 and lexicon processor and get it . I have to draw the line somewhere.in regards to the 40 being the best dont know havent heard it,but levinson makes world class products.thats all i was trying to say having been their trying to get the best which of course is personal taste. regards mike,
HOTROD come on man! Your saying you have a quater of a million dollars invested in your audio system? Then whats another 30,000 to you? I wont say anymore because I will get in trouble here. Hellosimplymusic: Your way off the map about the muse and it doesnt take a rocket sceintist to figure that one out. If that where true then companys Like Levinson would not be making audio equipment anymore. You people in general are quick to knock the big companys like krell levinson classe audio research just to name a few but everytime they want to brag about an amplifier that they bought new from some new little audio company that manufactures out of their garage the first thing they say is "it sounds better than the Levinson" At half the price. Yes there are things that sound great for a reasonable amount of money but they cant always compete with big companys such as Levinson because if their stuff was that good then their prices would also be that of the other highend companys out there.
Before buying the new ML, you may want to wait for the new Viola piece. Tom Colangelo, the head designer for (the former) Cello, has just showed his new multi channel preamp at CES. From what I understand, the unit will retail for about $20K. It will be totally modular and upgradeable, like the old Cello Audio Suite, but updated and cabable of more channels than you will ever need. If it is like the old Cello stuff, IT will be the new standard...
Ken G.
I've got the Media -40 and it is truly amazing. The sound quality is phenominal. The flexibility and multitude of inputs makes this piece a pure joy. Look at the website and check out the owners manual before believing someone else will be releasing a more robust or flexible product anytime soon with the audio video quality of the 40.
I am sure the theta piece is a fine product, but nothing is more upgradeable or customizeable the Media 40. I looked at all of them and frankly the 40 is technology way ahead of the anyone else. Whether that translates into something clearly better for everyone for the money is a matter of taste and choice.
Hotrod has a point you have to stop somewhere. I think the 40 is great but certainly the sound and video of other systems are more than acceptable. I was just in a position where I was redoing my entire system in a dedicated space and had the proceed pav combo piece to trade in which ML gave quite a bit of credit on. I paid a lot but made a good deal. Otherwise the price is steep.