Rare Soul Disc - Can Anybody Help Me Find It?

The name of the singer is Nolan Porter. Though he mostly recorded on the ABC label, I am looking for the 45 of "Keep on Keepin' On", which was released on the "Lizard" imprint. It reached #77 on the Brit singles charts in 1971. Though, in this country, Porter is chiefly known for having recorded with Lowell George; N.F. Porter's "Keep on Keepin' On" is a bit of a Northern Soul anthem.

It is indeed a stinkin' world. And what's so stinkin' about it? Well, for one, at the same time that we are plagued with yet another Rolling Stones CD compilation (note to Stones fans - if you don't already own the old stuff, there's no hope for you: if you actually like the new stuff, there's no hope for you either), there are no Nolan Porter CD compilations currently in print. Not only that, there are, as far as I can tell, no Nolan Porter Cds of any kind currently available.