"Load" end of IC s, which direction?

I bought a pr. of HSR interconnects from someone , but I am unsure which direction the "Load" end of the IC goes. I am putting the IC between my preamp and amp. Can anyone tell me for sure if the end marked "Load" plugs into the preamp or the amp? Thanks.
Try putting the end marked Load into the preamp. You should really try it both ways, it will not hurt anything, and will probably sound better one direction or the other.
The amp is the load for the preamp, so they are designed to have the load end hooked up to the amp.
Herman is right. The "source" end would always be towards the origin of the signal while the "load" would be flowing towards the speakers. Chances are, Bob Crump has built in a telescoping ground into this cable. This will almost always work best as directed unless something is really goofy with the system. Sean
Thanks for the help guys.
Ooops, I stand corrected!