I am wondering about new amplifiers for my ProAc 3.8
I have been very fond of Quicksilvers amps in the past and Im looking at the silver 88 or the V4. They are simular priced but the V4 offering more power. I have always liked the 2 tube each channel princip as in Silver 88 but the ProAc 3.8 need a dynamic sounding amplifier, the impedance does not reach below 7 ohm but they measured only 85dB in some stereophile test.

Can anybody tell me the difference between those 2 amps? Or opinion on which one to buy?

I've used two 75 WPC McIntosh tube amps with my Harbeth M-40.1's with no problem and they have very similar efficiency rating as your ProAc 3.8's but the imdedance goes slightly lower 5 ohm min. Either amp should be fine IMO, so I'd save a few bucks and go with the Silver 88.
The 88s will have better bass control than the V4s.

ProAc Response 3.8, electrical impedance (solid) and phase (dashed). (2 ohms/vertical div.) from Stereophile
I got a response from one that have tried many different Quicksilvers with ProAc and he comment that the sound of V4 with EL34 would give a good match with the 3.8