Quicksilver 8417 Tube Preferences

Hi All,

Obviously only one choice for the power tubes, but what about the small tubes? I have a variety of 12AU7s and 5814s, but I haven't tried any 12BH7s. In the other position, I've mostly used GE 5751s, but I have a few different brands of 12AX7s I've also popped in there. I haven't found any particularly startling combinations.

I have these monoblocks and was using the RCA cleartop 12au7s w/ Telefunken 12ax7. I recently switched to RCA 12bh7 to replace the cleartops and I've noticed an overall improvement. I'll probably use only the 12bh7 from now on. Many people prefer the 12bh7 preamp tube to any 12au7. Hope this helps. PS: I have some extra sets of 12bh7 if you have any problems locating some.

I'm not familiar with your amps, but I have tried tons of 12bh7's in amps, and have found sonic differences. You can buy them fairly cheap at ebay, if you want to try many different brands. I have seen some sellers selling a few brands at once. And if you don't need them in matched pairs, you can gobble up lots of tubes cheap! If you have a brand in mind let me know, I can tell you what sonic characteristics the brand had in my experiments.