Questions about DAC's and Processors


I just purchased a external Theta Basic II DAC and hope to buy a Theta transport soon. It may be awhile because I just purchased a Theta Dreadnaught amplifier and a Theta Casablanca II Processor (It will be here in a few weeks). The Casablanca has Standard DAC’s so I am not sure if I will need the Theta Basic II DAC.

In the mean time, how do I use my Sony DVP-NS900V as a transport with the Theta DAC? I am currently using a B&K reference 30 as a Pre/Pro and the Digital output is going to the DVD player for DTS and DD.

How would I configure this so I can use the DVD player for DTS/DD and use the Theta DAC for my Redbook CD’s on the same player? I figure I have to go into the DVD menu each time and change the Digital output from DD to PCM. Is that correct?

Should I use the DAC’s in the B&K Reference 30 instead of the Sony DVD player or the Theta Basic II? Do I sell the Theta Basic DAC II when I get the Casablanca II?

What do the experts think?

I am enjoying the upgrade rollercoaster ride, however, my wife is starting to catch on to my spending.

Correction: The DAC is a Theta Pro Prime II not a Basic II. Same questions apply.


You would have to use both Toslink and Coax output on your DVD player, one to the Pro Prime II and one to the Casablanca. The Coax output should sound better. What I'd do however is sell off the Pro PrimeII and use the DAC's in the Casablanca for both music and Movies, but listen to both and let your ears be the judge. I think the DAC's in the Casablanca are much newer and should out do the Pro Prime II. A dedicated transport for music or better yet, a stand alone CD player would be nice for 2 channel music.
Set player output to bitstream to disable it's processors. Hook 5.1 analog cables to pre/pro for music surround, hook digital cable from player to pre/pro so that pre/pro can decode movies, hook your other degital cable from player to your dac for redbook cd and your dac's analog outs to cd inputs on your pre/pro. Switch inputs on pre/pro to match your source as needed.