Question on Cardas Sweep Record

I just bought the Cardas Sweep record with the intent of demagnetising and cleaning up the cartridge every month. However, there are quite a few tracks on Side A of the record. Am I supposed to use only tracks 1 and 2 for this purpose?

Thanks for the advice.
You want to use the frequency sweeps on side 1 which are on the label as tracks 2A 2B and 2C. If you just look at the record they are tracks 2, 3 and 4 on side 1.

These are actually degaussing tracks not "demagnetizing" tracks. There are much better instructions/info listed for the Sweep Record on the Cardas site. Cardas should put that info in with the record.
What is the difference between degaussing and demagnetizing?
Here is a link to some info provided by Jonathan Carr from Lyra. I would put the Cardas LP into the degaussing (Cardas refers to the frequency sweeps as degaussing not demagnetizing although the words seem to be interchangeable when used by many people) camp as opposed to more active and direct demagnetizing by things like the "Fluxbuster".

Active demagnetization is a bit controversial with a number of cartridge manufacturers strongly recommending against it and saying it will void their warranties.
Thanks for the reference.