Question for BAT Pre-Amp owners w/ P10 phono card?

Dumb question I know. I am clueless on phono stages. I recently purchased a used BAT VK-30SE pre-amp and was surprised that it had the P10 phono option installed with it. In the P10 instructions it said to install the supplied shorting pins into the phono RCA input jacks when no phono stage is connected. As I currently have only a CD based system I guess I would install these but nothing came with the unit. Are these shorting pins somthing special or can I just stick male RCA plugs in the phono female inputs? Not sure if this would do the trick. I could call BAT but thought some here might know? Any help is much appreciated.

You should just contact BAT to get the absolute correct answer. All of their contact info is on their web page,
That's the P3 phono card, btw.

Yes, shorting plugs (connect + to - internally in plug) would be a good idea. Piece of wire will work too.

Yes, you are correct Ed, it is the P3 phono card not the P10. Could i just use say a mono interconnect. I have a couple of cheapo patch cords around. If I put one end of the mono inteconnect in the right channel phono imput and the other end in left channel phono imput, would that work ok? Thanks again guys!
That won't do it. Plug needs to be shorted to itself, not the other channel. Recommend calling BAT.