Question about Krell KCT and Krell EVO 222 pre-amp

I am using Krell FPB-300cx with Krell KCT pre-amp. However, I find a deal that they can trade their Krell EVO 222 pre-amp for my Krell KCT. The same condition with everything perfect. What do you think of this deal? Should I trade my Krell KCT for Krell EVO 222? I am using B&W 803S.
Thank you
If you haven't already done this, I wouldn't. As a long time Krell user, and after talking to people at Krell when I was considering something similar, I ended up feeling like the 222 was just a lateral move. If you want to move up, go with a 202, Or Phantom II.
My 2 cents anyway.

Good listening,