quest for new component

I have thought long and hard about the media center I want, and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I want a media server that has the ability to receive music (and possibly video) files onto its hard drive via a wireless transfer from Windows, like bluetooth. It is important that it is a download transfer, rather than the method of streaming media files off a device like an Airport Express. I want to be able to dump a few gigs at a time from my home computer to the media server, and I don't mind waiting while the files transfer. The server does not need much memory, less than 10 gigs would be fine, even like 4 gigs would be fine. It would need basic controls, but nothing fancy. I would connect it to the back of a Linn Classik via the standard red and white auxiliary port. I would really really prefer the server to have a very very quiet fan, and I would like it to be as small and unassuming as possible, and as energy efficient as possible, though getting tech and rigging together a few hardware components would be okay within reason. Video playback would be nice (so an hdmi or component out), but not nearly as important as audio playback, and if sacrificing video capabilities reduces the price or footprint, that would be just fine with me. Also, if they are legit, automatic upconversions of lower bitrate mp3 files to higher bitrate mp3 files or wav-quality files would be a great feature for the system to have. The goal of this is to bypass the need for a cdr. My Linn Classik has a very great cd player built in, so I want the sound quality coming out of this new digital box to be comparable. And having an am/fm or just fm tuner would be cool if it didn't cost barely extra.
An Apple TV would probably do everything that your asking for, and it also has an HDMI Connection, and you could also buy or rent movies.

Good Luck!