What are the Do's & Donts on Hi Fi components

Just wanted to know what are the basic rules for operating good Hi Fi gear.
Ive been told that its best to turn your cd player on before your amp & to turn off your amp before the cd player ?
Is this correct ? Any other tips ?


Musical Fidelity A308 CD Player
Musical Fidelity A308 Integrated Amp
Dynaudio 1.3 SE with Dynaudio Stands
Kimber Monocle XL
Kimber KS 1030
The turn on/off sequence is correct, but I've never owned a CDP that made any turn on/off noise, so at least in my case it is inconsequential. The preamp, otoh, is much more naughty.

To add a tip - turn your amp off before un/hooking your speaker cables.
DO have a goal when establishing yer gear, and dont just buy the latest and greatest.
Make sure your gear works good together, or you might have a 20k system that you have a hard time enjoying

Also, dont get a roomate that totally screws you over, or you might have to sell yer whole rig like me.

My preference (with all solid state gear that is not class A and therefore not hot during idle) is to leave it all on all of the time, with the volume at minimum and an unused input selected.
It is only turned off if I'm away for a few days or if there's an electrical storm.
When turning on work from the source towards the speakers, as you stated.
Where's Marco??? He could have a blast with this one!
Leave all you stuff on all the time -- sounds better. I've also heard that turning the stuff off and on causes more wear and tear than leaving it on all the time.
DO listen with your own ears. . .DON'T rely soley on others' opinions.
Do experiment with speaker placement. When you get close to hearing your speakers disappear into a soundstage, and with your rig they should, don't make large adjustments. Do check out other cables and power cords when given the chance, the right ones really enhance the experience.
Most digital players are best left on continuously. My Wadia 23 manual highly recommends this. They state that it takes 72 hours after initial turn on for the circuts to fully settle and regulate from cold turn on to sound optimal. Current draw is nil..and the laser is not being used when left on.