Quality cd player with a headphone input

I'm thinking of putting together a second rig dedicated just to low level headphone listening at night. I've recently received Sennheiser 800...To make things more simple, I'd love to find a quality cd player with a headphone input that would eliminate purchasing headphone amp and interconnects. Thank you in advance for all your suggestions.
I just bought a Stereophile guide with the list of bunch of equipment, with a column that says if a cd player has a capability for a jack to be put in. Might be a good place to start...
Jolida JD 100
sounds like what you really want is a cdp with a variable out (volume control) so as to obviate the need for an amp. here's a thread that lists many:
I have the new Pearl SA-KI SACD Player from Marantz.
The Headphone outlet is truly first rate as is the sound.
About $2300 used (if you can find one).
Analog yet not soft in any way.
You can *feel the musicians playing.