QUAD 99 series separates vs.best integrated amps

I have seen some adds for Quad Electronics 99 series separates. I believe they can be had for $2200 Quad has a reputation for fine audio products; I would like some feedback about the level of performance and sound quality of these separates from members who either own them or have auditioned them. I have about exhausted my search for a high end integrated to replace and improve upon my Creek 5350 Classic. I have looked at several integrated units within and above my budget, without finding what is right for my system and budget.The Quad 99 pre-amp was a "product of the year 2010" in TAS. It pros are a reportedly a good MM/MC stage, and tone controls. Though, I am leary of its electronic tone controls which supposedly provide great flexibility in contouring the sound. It would have been nicer if there were no tone controls and more money put into a higher quality phono stage. Cons?? The unit is butt ugly and sterile, but is available in a champagne finish. The amp looks better and rated at 90RMS.....I am looking to exceed what I have and be equal to the more expensive integrateds, like the Rega Elicit, the LDF MKIV, Pathos MK4, and Prima Luna Dialogue II..... Will appreciate all feedback. Thanks, Jim
I have nothing against Quad, I use to be one of their dealers. I still have a FM4 tuner. I personally would get a Krell S 300i, which has a street price of $2000 and get a separate phono stage. No tone controls but a lot more power if you need it. I think both are built now in China. I get TAS to look at the pictures, not to read the articles[ just like the real reason people use to buy Playboy], I wouldn't pay too much attention to their recommendations.
If you've not made the move yet. I've had enough time with the 99 and 909 driving Mag 1.7's. Prior to that used the Krell 300i and 400i, McIntosh 6600, Cayin KT88, Jungson and several I've managed to forget. Bottom Line - The Quad has been a revelation of clarity without coloration. I've found it works well at low and mid volumes. Haven't tried loud...won't risk the hearing damage. I won't do a brand by brand but can summarize it as the easy winner for acoustic and vocal. Best to you.
I would second the Quad system and they take little room. If you had to get an integrated and a phono stage, the Quad system is as compact as the integrated and the phono.

I really prefer the Quad sound vs the Krell sound and/ or the McIntosh integrated. Owned the MA6500 and MA6900.