Quad 405 Updated .... Any Knowlege on this upgrade

I am trying to deciding if I should just buy a newer (used) ss amp or up grade my old quad 405.

Has anyone listened to a Quad 405 after updating?

According to the Quad builder .... I quote .....
I highly disagree with so many of these so called "Audiophiles" speak without ever having dealt with products. I own extremely high end audio equipment and a modified 405 is one of the best. As a matter of fact dual mono Quad 405's are the best I have ever heard."

So I am looking for some truth ..

I am currently using
Audio Research SP5 pre amp
Quad 405 dumping main amp
Pioneer Elite DV-48AV
Polk Monitor 10's
Velodyne VRP 1200 sub

Thanks in advance
Tony in Florida
This is an ad by Kavi Alexander, one of the most respected hi-end recording engineers in the business. He left a phone number. Why not call him and see what he has to say?
I suspect you would be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the upgraded Quad 405 (and I oughta know - I'm the guy who started modifying them back in the late '70s). I also expect that you would get a lot of "bang for your buck" compared to the cost of buying another amplifier. On the other hand, there is always some risk when sending a component off for modification. The site www.quadmodsusa.com/405upgrades.html appears professionally done and offers the required services, but I know nothing of their reputation.

If you have not already done so, Google "Quad 405 modification" and you will get a lot of useful info.

Rebuilt Quad 405s have made a lot of audiophiles happy - it's a very good amp (and really a LOT better than the stock amp). Like a lot of other things in life, though, there is no way to know if it's going to be everything you want without trying it. Good luck!

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Travis said: "This is an ad by Kavi Alexander"

Where is the link ??
Sorry, I was in error. He's selling a stock unit for $275. Still a heck of a deal. Can't remember why I sold mine back in the day. Search for "quad" on this site and you'll run across the ad.
I had them in the 80's, it had a hard time driving the Infinity RSIII floorstanders. What would the update/upgrade be?
If the upgrade is from MK1 to MK11 status, yes, the upgrade is significant. I had an early MK1 unit driving a pair of Yamaha NS-1000M speakers (a know difficult load) and the amp would definitely clip at high levels. No problem at all when I upgraded to a MK11 unit.
The DATA Opamp & new board upgrade can be viewed at http://www.quadmodsusa.com/

But the question remains as to how this really sounds ..
and if anyone has experienced this change?

looking for some truth .. beyond the advertised hype
We restore QUAD Amplifier as a hobby. In our experience, the QUAD 405 works best with high sensitivity speakers e.g. 90db/m or better. Their output is very tube-like and do not cause listening-fatigue as other semiconductor Amps do. A power supply and audio boards restoration does wonders to the sound.