Putting together a system...looking for some suggestions

Hey...I'm looking for some suggestions on a system.  I have about a $4k budget and need speakers, an integrated amp, a DAC, and a bluetooth receiver.  I prefer, if possible, that the DAC have built in bluetooth...but it's not critical.

Here are the two system options I have in mind:

1) Rogue Sphinx, Arcam irDAC, GoldenEar Triton Three+


2) Peachtree Nove 150, GoldenEar Triton Three+

I'm leaning heavily towards option 2.  I will add a higher quality record player in the future, but for now I plan to use my Audio Technica that I have had for years.  The only other speakers I have seriously considered are the ELAC UniFi F5.  I'd prefer not to have to get a sub, which is one of the reasons that the Triton is appealing.

The system is just for music, and will be in a decent sized room approx 15'x30' with 7.5' ceilings.  Most of my music will be coming from Rhapsody, Pandora, ITunes, etc.  

Any thoughts on what I am looking at, or alternate suggestions?

Yes...definitely want to take advantage of a retailer/manufacturer that offers a trial period so that I can try out the speakers in home.

I will check out the Ohm Walsh website.  Thanks for the info!
Since your considering the Spatial M3, I thought the following system may interest you.  It seems to have everything you wanted for just abut 4K (new).

Hi Guys...and gsm18439,

"tmh audio" is the new US Distributor of YBA and a few items for clarification:

1. The newish YBA "Genesis" series of Amp, Preamp/DAC, Integrated and CDP is very much in the tradition of the "old" YBA Classic designs...and quite affordable. Certainly the sweet spot in the price range.

2. The Signature & Passion series are reflective of Yves-Bernard’s latest design thinking that builds on the "old" YBA designs while adding even richer & bolder tones and increased resolution and micro-dynamics for an extraordinary "you are there" experience for audiophiles and music lovers.

More info & reviews on our website as well as YBA's.
Check out the new KEF ACTIVE LS50 for $2200 (out in Dec 2016). It will have a built-in DAC, amp, wireless streaming, and sub connectivity. You may find it is all you need. I have the PASSIVE LS50 and it is pretty good in a small room. I will never sell that speaker. I like the LS50 more than my previous REVEL Salon 1 (a $20K speaker), excluding the bass.