Putting together $10K smaller room system?

Okay guys, I want your system recommendations for a medium to medium smallish room for a complete system. We are looking at about $10K and basically used from this site.

System consists of: speakers, amp/preamp, CD/DAC, cables

Musical tastes: rock, jazz, acoustical

Restrictions?: Somewhat limited speaker placement (3.5-4 feet from backwall to front plane of speaker max). At about 8 feet apart, they would be about 3.5 to 4 feet from the side walls. Sitting possition is only about 8 feet straight out from front plane of speakers with rear wall 5-6 feet behind. Somewhat of a square shaped room.

Performance/characteristics: I am a sucker for sound staging/imaging and depth of field, I like a three dimensional, focused stage. I generally prefer accuracy over exceptional warmth. I am not a bass hound, but do need some decent extension. I prefer tighter bass over loose, ill defined bass.

I am seeking systems based on your prior experiences that factor in good matching of the various components, so if you are suggesting a low powered tubed amp, don't tell me that you love the Thiel 7.2 speakers, etc. . . I am not looking to be pursuaded that what I like or prefer in music is the wrong thing to like. Keep in mind the size of my room and its general characteristics (a little lively).

We have all gone through lots of equipment, different system configurations and some of us have found great systems that have worked well together and others that just don't play well together. What is the best of what you have found and would recommend as a complete system (to be honest, I don't need the latest, as there are still components from long ago that I still long after).

Thanks in advance for your expert advice.
Gallo's...I'm sure a lot of people will recommend them...you won't hard better focus and image in your range...very clean sound...since they produce a bit smaller images than most speakers, they work very well in smaller rooms, mine was 10 by 13, about the best size for them...put them on cinderblocks too, to raise them...any questions, shoot me an email...
If it's insanely musical sound you're after,
this should flip your switch...

BAT 300SE integrated amp (without phono module)
Rega Apollo CD player
Thiel 1.6 speakers
B&W ASW650 subwoofer

Music Hall MMF-7 turntable/Sumiko Blue Point special/Clearaudio Basic head-amp/2 pr Kimber silver streak

Other ICs: Harmonic Technology Magic-I (IIs wouldn't hurt)
Speaker cable: Harmonic Technology Pro-9 (shotgun)

Shunyata Hydra 4 or 6
Shunyata venom power cables

Trust me.