Purist Audio Venustas Speaker Cable - Any Good ?

Has anyone listened to the new line Venustas line of cables form Purist ? I am especially interested in the speaker cables. Your thoughts and opinions.....
I have not used these myself, but I have information from an excellent, and very experienced person that these are some of the very best cables available. He has used these, as well as all of the Purist cables, and many others.
I own the Venustas speaker cables and think they are incredible; the best speaker cables I have ever heard. My previous speaker cable was the Purist Dominus, which is a great cable, but I like the Venustas better. The Venustas is faster, more focused and more transparent. It also is more extended on the top and bottom frequencies. The price of the Venustas is only around a fifth of the price of the Dominus; what a bargain. I guess more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better.
Bob, I am very quires about your comments and I have a couple of the questions to ask.

1) What kind of subjective or objective evaluation methods you used to surmise that Venustas was “faster” then Dominus?
2) Can you elaborate of the Venustas focusing advantages over Dominus and in context of what you made up those conclusions?
3) Can you describe in more details the Dominus’ imperfections on the top that Venustas eliminated?
4) Can you explain the Dominus’ disadvantages in bass against Venustas and how should I interpret your suggestions considering the fact that the evaluation took place in context of amplifier that is absolutely bass disabled, a little ported speaker that have very questionable bass authority under 200 Hz, a digital front-end that introduces a bad masking affect to the entire system, the listening room with the reverberation time at 50Hz around 0.5 sec…

Also, Bob is you consider that Venustas is so more superior then Dominus than would you accept an offer to exchange: I will give you the superior Venustas for your old and inferior Dominus?

Romy the Cat
Verybiggamp - Sounds like you own the Dominus and want assurances that the Dominus is still the best sounding cable ever developed. I feel the Dominus is an exceptional cable but in my particular system I like the Venustas better. I'm not saying that the Dominus wouldn't sound better in a different setting; I've only compared the two cables in my home using my equipment. This is only my opinion.
Nope, you presumption that I was looking for “an assurance” was not correct. My intentions were to expose the wrong evaluation methods you used and to indicate the irrelevancy of your conclusions. Unfortunately you approached the task of the cable evaluations with a limited mental aptitude of our famous audio reviewers and it is no surprise that you ended up with a total nonfigurative result. Please be advised that for the agenda that I peruse it is irrelevant which cable is better. Also… the fact the you did not answer a single question I asked is very indicative…

Romy The Cat
Verybigamp ("Romy The Cat") - Personally I really don't care what you think. I'm just expressing an opinion which I'm entitled to do here; afterall this is what this forum is all about. Sorry if I pissed you off.
If Bobgates evaluation method was incorrect, what is the correct method to evaluate cables?

Please explain.
verybigamp wrote:[bass authority under 200 Hz, a digital front-end that introduces a bad masking affect to the entire system, the listening room with the reverberation time at 50Hz around 0.5 sec…] WOW.....were you ever in bobgates listening room??? How did you know all that about his room from a post. I guess I have been evaluating cables wrong all along!! I always just a/b them in MY SYSTEM, MY ROOM, with MY EARS. OH...and I listen to my kind of music....Isn't that what it is all about????
As Rmaurin stated....Please explain if I am doing it wrong.
I haven´t heard the Venustas loudspeaker cables, but I have heard the RCA interconnects and the power cables.
I love the RCA interconnects! They tend to be a bit warm, yet also incredibly involving, better than some second hand MIT interconnects I have also tried. I am really happy with them.
The Venustas power cable: I can´t say much right now as it is still not run-in. I am not yet impressed by it. But it is surprisingly flexible and not as thick as my arms. I appreciate that.