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Analog vs. digital
My digital consist of an Innuos Zenith mkIII and Chord Qutest connected by Shunyata Alpha USB. Streaming Qobuz and a lot of purchased hi res files, some DSD and ripped CD’s that were ripped by the Zenith. So about $7500 investment. My analog is a... 
VPI Prime vs Scout
Not familiar with the scout, but I did just recently upgrade from a Prime Scout to the Prime 21 and it was a substantial upgrade. The bigger heavier platter and all the upgrades on the arm made for a more livelier sound and very quiet table and bl... 
Looking for a tube phono pre
@sokogear Never said I was unhappy. Sutherland is a fabulous pre for the money. Yes its detailed and dynamic. I am running tubes for amplification and just wanted tubes on the phono as well. I received my Chinook and its also very clean and detail... 
Looking for a tube phono pre
Well to my surprise a Manley Chinook just showed up at my door. They were not dragging their feet, they just had it drop shipped right from Manley. Its going to be a fun night.  
Looking for a tube phono pre
@big_greg Thanks, I sent Echo a message  
Looking for a tube phono pre
I am not interested in electronic azimuth adjustments. I have test LPs and a Foz to set azimuth, so I’d rather not derail this thread discussing electronic azimuth.   
Looking for a tube phono pre
@audiosaurusrex thank you, that’s one I did not have on my list, but now I certainly do.  
Turntable parts upgrade
@johnss @iseland So I ordered a Manley Chinook. I also worked a deal with my dealer I bought the table from and traded the Quintet Blue for a Hana ML. The ML is just getting broken in but already it is an amazing difference. Looking forward to wha... 
Turntable parts upgrade
@iseland Do you feel my Sutherland Insight LPS is a weak link?  
How many of you are digital only systems?
Well since this thread was resurrected after a few months I thought I better provide an update. I did end up getting back into vinyl after 30 years. I bought a VPI Prime Scout/Ortofon Quintet Blue going into a Sutherland Insight LPS phono pre and ... 
Streamer/Server to replace Innuos Zenith
@soix yes, internet is fine, 530mbs speed and no connection issues. I’ve filed several problem reports with Innuos.@audioman58 Bricasti has intrigued me as a DAC, I forgot you add to it. 
Streamer/Server to replace Innuos Zenith
Thank you. I am using a Chord Qutest as my current DAC.@antigrunge2 I get a lot of times where the app and the web browser version (Mac Safari) both stop communicating with the server. My iPad is brand new with the latest iOS. I updated to the lat... 
Help me decide on first turntable purchase
@elliottbnewcombjr I am not certain, that is why I don't want to jump in at 5 to 7K. I don't have much vinyl, so we will see how it goes and if I like it and stay with it then I can upgrade in a few years. @cd318 sorry, just not a fan of the Techn... 
Review on Bricasti Design M3 DAC
I am currently running a Chord Qutest being fed via USB from my Innuos Zenith mkIII. I was thinking of upgrading the Qutest and the M3 is on my short list, along with the Hugo TT2 and Denafrips Pontus or Venus. Anyone compare the M3 with a Hugo TT... 
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
Whatever I eat I let it burn-in for at least 200 hours