Pure Note Paragon AES/ebu vs NBS Master AES/ebu

I have a CEC TL51x transport and a Wadia 12 DAC. Normally I use a Pure Note Paragon AES/ebu cable, but I now have NBS Master AES/ebu to try out. The NBS is new about 3 times more expenisve I think.
But so far I haven't heard any differences. I do believe cables can make a diference but I have never been really convinced digital cables make a difference.

So I am deaf that I cannot hear any difference, is the rest of my system not good enough? Rotel RC980bx pre, Rotel RC1070 power, Impulse Aria SE speakers, Wireworld atlantis 5 speaker cabel.

This evening I will do so more listening. If I still don't hear any difference I will bring the NBS back to the shop. They ask €300,- for the NBS.

Hopefully I will upgrade my Rotel pre/power soon with a Symphonic Line La Scala intergrated amp. If the shop still has the NBS by then maybe I will try it again.
I would say that the Pure Note is made a well as the NBS. NBS is marked-up dealer and Pure Note is a direct price. So the price calculation may not be relevant.

Is is possible not to hear a difference since both cables are doing their jobs (no jitter). If you can't hear a difference then you just saved some money. :)

NBS is well regarded about their digital cables and power cords. They lower the noise floor which results in blaccker background and more dynamics. If you do not hear the difference there is probably a weaker link in the system. Try first their power cords on the DAC for instance.

Good luck.
I returned the NBS to the shop, I did go home with a NBS Dragonfly powercord. I connected it to my Wadia 12 DAC and there was instant improvement. I don't think I will be returning that powercord. The Dragonfly goes for about 225€ here. I don't think I want to spend more then that.

Next up is to see if the Dragonfly does anythingg with my CEC TL51x transport. I also have a DCCA ref master that I borrowed, lets see how that works on my Symphonic Line La Musica amp.

I am trying out a NBS power cable now, the Dragonfly. The shop that sells the NBS says the Dragonfly would be the best NBS for me. The Monitor II en IV are also good according to them but also to expenisve for my system. The other Monitor cables are no good according to them, I think the owner of the shop used to use black label in his own system but he found the to diffuclt to handle to ridged.