Pure Music volume control through iPad

How does one do this?
if you are using your iPad to act as the "remote", use the screen sharing client on your Mac and iPad. That way, the iPad screen would display the screen of the Mac, including iTunes and Pure Music.

Many people running a Mac mini as a music server run it headlessly (no monitor, keyboard) and use a Macbook running the screen share client as the control device.

Disclaimer: I don't own an iPad, so am not sure if it has that capability. I am running a Mac mini music server with Pure Music, using a Macbook Pro as the control device along with an iPhone that has the remote app on it. Make sure your wireless setup is relatively robust enough to avoid lag time/latency issues.....

There is an app called Remote that will do what you want. It controls iTunes volume on the Mini which is linked to the PM volume control.

Slipknot1: I downloaded PureMusic for the free trial period of two weeks (I think). I actually shut it off after only one day because there was a delay when using my itouch controls. Was I doing something wrong?

I use it with an iPad and Remote and don't notice a delay. There may be a very small one but not like your sitting there waiting for it to react.

I also use it sometimes with Screens which is a VNC program when I want to play with the preferences and that works well too.

If you email them they are very responsive and might have some ideas.