PSU for QuteHD

Well I am going to for it and get a Linear PSU for my Qute even though I tried to convince myself early on it was not necessary.

I really am digging the QuteHD especially since I took a dive into the wonderful world of computer audio.

So I narrowed down my choices to the King Rex and the Channel Island PSU units.

The King has a 48VA transformer while the CI Audio is only 35VA but I have no clue what that means :)

I like that the CI is made here in my home state of California and it is $100 less.

I don't see a lot of mention of CI Audio on this forum but if anyone has experiences please chime in. Thanks
I used the MCRU linear power supply with the QuteHD and heard a significant improvement. What I liked most was that it gave the dac more weight to the sound and filled it out so that it was able to convey a more realistic sense of the instruments being played in your livingroom. Previous to the MCRU, I thought it sounded a tad lean. The MCRU is a two box unit hand crafted in the UK for $340 shipped. I haven't heard the King Rex or CI, so can't comment on those. My guess is that the you will also hear a dramatic improvement with any of these 3.
MCRU = Mains Cables Are Us?

What is the voltage for the DAC?
I went with the Teddy Pardo one. It is more expensive than any of the PSUs listed (I believe it is ~$400 or thereabouts) but it is the only one based on a superior superregulator design, giving superior results. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Ordered a CIAUDIO VDC5 MKII for my SB Touch and should arrive this week. I only use Touch for internet radio directly connected to account bypassing my computer.

I'm using all unshielded ICs and SCs so want SPS out of the system and if VDC5 improves the sound, all the better.

The QuteHD is 2V output but seems more based on my volume control.
CIAUDIO VDC5 MKII arrived for Touch (ONLY use digital out to DAC) this week and it made a HUGE improvement.

Typical improvements with higher quality PS. Quieter, image more stable, sharper and control, more transparent, more detail especially the bass ... should improve further with more hours.

I went for the CI VDC12 kit and am very impressed too

The build quality is excellent and was just what I wanted.

Hooked it up to my QuteHD, and wow, it really does unlock the full potential of this DAC. It has definitely "smoothed" things out taking out some high frequency harshness which brings out more sharpness and details.

Even though everyone swears by these linear PSU' I did not want to believe it but now I am a believer.

Another great bang for the buck product right there with my lightspeed attenuator :)
I had a lightspeed attenuator and it's good for the $$. I prefer the sound with a battery PS over wall wart.